Pet Insurance nz

Pet insurance nz

Pet Insurance

It has been researched that pet insurance was originated in the U.S. 1980. The first policy was sold in 1982 for television program Lassie.

Many medical procedures for animals are costly to treat, and these procedures would be surgeries, sickness (viral etc.) hence to ease the owner in incurring such costs, a pet owner can purchase a pet insurance policy which  eventually saves out instant pocket expenses by being paid monthly or yearly fee known as premium.

Coincidentally pet insurance is similar to health insurance except pet insurance precisely relates to pets, which covers either full or half of the expensive fees that will be acquired for the duration of the veterinary procedures. However, pet insurance will not cover monotonous visits to the veterinary for events such as having the pet neutered or vaccinated.


Pet Insurance


Pet Insurance nz

There are two most prioritized levels of policies offered for pets in New Zealand

Top level policy

This is the broadest policy, offering a lifetime cover for pet benefit at the beginning of each year. This means that as long as the policy is renewed every year, the owner can claim up to full fees subsidy for a continuing illness. Such policy is invaluable if one’s pet grows a long-term condition such as eczema or arthritis.

Mid Level policy

This mid-level  policy is said to be cheaper than life time policy in the sense that if the policy offers a limit of $10000 per condition covering for a precise sickness, hence it will only run out once the limit is reached/crossed irrespective of the number of treatments the pet has received. To be simple this policy is defined as putting a money value limit on the treatment per condition but without a time constraint. 

Cheap Pet Insurance

There are cheaper policies available which just cover up to one year period per condition. And these policies will be of interest of pet owners who are interested in shielding against high preliminary costs of treatment after an illness. Moreover, the following paragraphs will highlight few typical pet policies that are available in New Zealand

Standard Care Coverage.

This is a standard policy for precautionary care that is positive and designed to detect and avoid major medical problems. Thus this policy includes the following;

Pet insurance nz
  • Annual physical examination

  • Neutering and spaying

  • Vaccination

  • Treatment for heart worms

  • Flea controls

  • Teeth cleaning

Major Medical Coverage.

Such coverage is similar to human health plans. These cover health measures that would cost pet owners thousands of dollars out of daily pocket expenses if no pet insurance is purchased. Some common medical procedures covered include;

pet insurance new zealand
  • X-rays, Scans

  • Surgeries

  • Serious accidents and illness

  • Hospitalization and admittance of pets

Cancer Treatment Coverage.

Surprising but its fact that pets also can get cancer. The good news for pets is that cancer can be cured with the help of chemotherapy treatments. But then again such chemotherapy treatment runs into thousands of dollars for any one course of treatment.

This cancer treatment coverage category is the fastest growing policy for pet insurance companies. These treatments usually include the following procedures;

Pet Insurance New Zealand
  • Radiation therapy

  • Chemotherapy

  • Medications for every treatment.